Tuesday, September 8, 2009


TP. Yes, I'm talking about toilet paper. I just bought a 12 pack of Charmin Ultra Strong (1 roll=4 regular rolls) and I paid over $14 after tax. Just ranting, but think about it for a sec...what we do with it and where it goes...that's just ridiculous. Unfortunately, I just can't swtich to cheap one-ply TP. That would just be wrong!!


  1. I can't seem to make the switch either. Just so you know, the May 2009 Consumer Reports ranked Charmin Ultra Strong as #2. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush got a #1 rating and is less expensive than Charmin Ultra Strong as well as being 3-ply. Cottonelle Ultra came in 3rd. Consumer Reports best buys: Kirkland Signature(Costco) and White Cloud (Walmart).

    So, next time I think I might try the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush.

  2. We can't do one ply either. I use recycled other stuff, but TP is so...personal. We buy from Costco.

    Btw, I so want one of those moving blog roll thingies...where can I get that widget?



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