Friday, September 4, 2009

My baby is 6

We decided to go all out this year and have Joy's part somewhere that I didn't have to be responsible for! It was fabulous... All we had to do is show up! Cupcakes, pizza, drinks, plates, napkins, and clean up were all part of the wonderful deal! There were several different inflatables for the kids to play on and they really had sooo much fun! Honestly, I had a good time on them as well. Because we decided to have her party on a week night there was no one else there and that made it ever better!

Joy sitting at her throne opening her presents...

Mommy, Joy & Daddy

Bubby had a blast as well!

Last week hubby and I were asking Joy what she wanted for her birthday. We had already purchased the bike and had it out in a closet in the garage. (The kids never go out there...or so I thought) So, when we asked her if she wanted a bike she replied "No, I already have one of those--it's out in the closet in the garage." Instead she wanted an animal like Jared's. More on the gerbil later.

These three little angels are in the same class...also the reason Joy got moved the first day of school.
This is my advice...if at all possble, have the party somewhere else...I think it's worth a million bucks!!

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  1. How fun! It looks like a wonderful party!

    And I'm with you-next years b-days will be celebrated somewhere that I do not have to clean afterwards!



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