Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As you well know my little Joy started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and this getting up every morning is kicking her hiney! She is soooo darn slow!! It's all I can do to get her out of bed. Then she has to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush her teeth, and every morning, somehow, we barely pull into the parking lot on time.

Of course, I'm acting like this is a new thing. Since she was tiny she always finished last...in eating and getting ready for anything. So now we are always telling her to eat faster (kinda seems messed up considering the digestive problems and obesity we have in our country). Not to mention the fact that mommy gets very crabby after telling her to "Hurry up!" over and over and over...

I'm thinking I'm probably not the only mommy with this problem in the mornings. Anyone else have pokey little man or little lady?? Any suggestions?

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  1. You are not alone! Today we were so late that I had to actually knock on the door for him to get in the class. This after I let him sleep an extra thirty minutes today. So no more of that.

    No matter what I do to get him moving in the morning it just doesn't work. Last week I started getting him to bed at 7pm and he was still slow in the morning.

    I say all that to say maybe some people just can't move quickly, lol. I believe my son is one of those people.

    Today was the first morning I did not raise my voice to get him moving. I decided its to much stress for me and as long as he gets there before class activities start that's fine with me.



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