Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ellen on Idol

I'm a big fan of American Idol and watch it religously throughout the season. Today Fox announced that Ellen Degeneres will be the new judge replacing Paula Abdul. Now, I have to honest, there were times when Paula about drove me crazy. The words she used (and I'm pretty sure, made up) at times just amazed me and it was always interesting to see what she was going to wear. But...she had been a success in her music and dance/choreographer career.

Ellen Degeneres is hilarious! I can't help but wonder what kind of rapport we'll see between her and Simon Cowell. After watching Ellen dance on her morning show, I can almost guarantee that we will NOT be seeing her teaching the Idol hopefuls any moves! This should be interesting...I'm looking forward to Season 9 of American Idol!


  1. ja, that would be fun to see. I'm sure she will have words for Simon.

  2. I think she will make it more fun, for sure. By the way thanks for following me. I am now following you.



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