Friday, September 18, 2009

Old Friends

I'm going out with an old friend today for lunch and I'm really looking forward to it. I love old friends...they're like a pair of comfortable old shoes (lol, is that a good analogy?). When you get with them you have that feeling of knowing how right it is. You know that this person knows all your secrets and she still wants to spend time with you.

I recently spent an evening with a girlfriend of mine from high school, that now lives in California, and it was just wonderful. So strange...hadn't seen her for almost ten years, but once we were together it was like we had never been apart. We were giggling and swapping stories. We reminisced about old times and also had the joy of sharing new stories about our little ones. Leaving was hard because there's a very good chance that although we visit on Facebook and ever so often pick up the phone, it may be another ten years before I see her again.

But truly, aren't good friends precious??


  1. I have a friend like that. We have been friends for 12 or 13 years now and we have lived in different states and countries a few times, but we always come back together like no time has passed. It's wonderful!

  2. Hope you had a great lunch with your friend! That sounds like fun:) Close friends are wonderful! You're right, they are like old shoes;)

    I found your blog through Amo's favorite blogs!

  3. hmmmm....I'm trying to figure out what kind of shoe I

  4. i hope you had great fun lunch!

    have a nice weekend!



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