Sunday, September 13, 2009

Save... it's necessary

Last night I decided I needed to move a few things around on my site. I moved this, moved that...then I looked at my scroll box (which I did all by myself) and thought "It's too big...I think I'll resize it". This was the critical moment when I should have copied and saved what was already there. I started changing a few numbers and then WHAM! I messed up on the "too big" scroll box and it became the "unfixable" scroll box. I've been sitting here for over three hours trying to figure out what sites I used to help me make one the last time (which was a breeze then) and I've wound up with the image in the scroll box. Now it's 3am and I'm going a bit cross-eyed and feeling a bit grumpy!

Bottom line here: Don't EVER, EVER, EVER start messing with html codes on something before copying the codes and saving them!

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