Monday, October 12, 2009

You can't buy a paper with a Chucke E. Cheese Token

We just stopped by Baskin Robbins (yummy!!) to get an ice cream cone. This girl was banging on the front of the newspaper coin insert thingy and was frustrated because it ate her money. She said she'd paid her three quarters. As I got close, I looked at the coin insert and a coin was hanging out...a Chucke E. Cheese Token, that is. Thanks goodness that hubby had a spare quarter in his pocket!

What would we do without our kids?? Live would be so boring!


  1. Following from MBC, you can find me at

  2. awww...yep! what we will do with out kids!!!

  3. You're right, it would be SO BORING!!!

  4. Ha ha! That's too funny. I bet she was embarassed!

  5. I'll bet I have some of those tokens floating around here too!



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