Friday, October 30, 2009

Both Home Sick

Bubby woke us up about 6am this morning because he had a headache, his nose was so stuffy, and he had a dry cough. His fever was 102.2 so I gave him an Ibuprofen and decongestant then sent him back to bed. His headache and sore throat has stayed away all day and so did the high fever. Unfortunately, evening is at hand and his fever is back up to can tell he just feels yucky.

Little Miss has ran a low grade fever all day...this is day three for her. She too has a dry, unproductive cough but without complaints of aches, headache or stuffiness. Hopefully, she'll be through all of it soon.
Funny that neither one of them feel too bad to irritate the other...I've been dealing with that all day...

Now hubby and I stare at each other and wonder, who is next? And is this just some bug or could it be a case of mild H1N1 or the seasonal flu?


  1. I hope it isn't H1N1. Hope they get better soon.

  2. Oh no, sickness is just rampant right now! I hope they heal quickly.

  3. I hope everyone was ok for Halloween!!

  4. we are all sick last week..

    feel for ya..


  5. Sounds like you have what we have going through our house. So far it's my oldest and myself. It is NO fun! I have had my oldest to the doctor and the Urgent Care at the hospital. They said it is the flu but they didn't test for h1n1 b/c it is so expensive and we are already past the point of being able to be treated with tami-flu, so they are just telling us to rest and stay hydrated. The one good thing is that if it is h1n1 at least we won't have to worry about the vaccine now. I hope your family gets to feeling better soon! OH, and did you try the broom?

  6. I did try the broom thing...with a big mother-in-law tells me I'm a witch. Bizarre how it just stands there!

  7. I'm so sorry your kids are sick! That's too bad. I hope everyone gets well really soon. It's nice that you are a nurse, though and you know what to do for them!

  8. Hey Ronnie, btw, i would love to get some gluten-free recipes from your friend, if she doesn't mind. Like I said, I'm cooking challenged! And, to answer your question from my previous son does drink from a sippy cup now. We ditched the bottle about a month ago. He will feed himself and eat some things...other things he won't, even if he feeds himself. Thanks for helping me with your comments!



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