Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I opt out!

You knew it was coming...there's no way I can't share my own decision.

As many know, I'm a Registered Nurse that works in the Intensive Care Unit. Thanks goodness that we have so many educated and well-qualified doctors that work everyday to save lives. If I'm in a car accident or cut off my finger, I want an incredible surgeon to patch me up and sew everything back together. If I develop respiratory failure, I want a knowledgeable pulmonologist to help my lungs recover. When I get a nasty bacterial infection, I'll take the antibiotics I need to help me get better. Doctors, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, treatments, etc. definitely have a time and a place.

I signed a declination this week refusing the seasonal flu vaccine as well as the H1N1 vaccine at work. I feel like I made an informed decision...I've read what the WHO and the CDC says about this new flu. I've watched programs on regular TV discussing the concerns about not receiving vaccines as well. Of course, I've also read a lot on other sites like Dr. Mercola or other bloggers that have looked into this hot topic--Giovanni's World seems to have done a very thorough job of researching, and has multiple links that supports his own choice.

This is my advice. Research. Read. Investigate. Don't follow blindly but make an informed decision that you feel good about. I've opted out. The hospital I work at has basically said that there is every possibility that I will not be working when and if the "pandemic" is declared. I was told there is suspicion that this will start around December through March. That means for four months I won't have a pay check, however, I have to do what I feel is right for me and my family. I'm hopeful that this whole Swine Flu scare will have been much ado about nothing and we'll sail through, making their proposed statistics mean nothing.

And on a lighter note...


  1. Ha ha! That video is cute. I didn't get a chance to watch the whole thing b/c the kids were yelling at me to turn it down b/c they can't hear their cartoons. Sorry!
    Everyone is home sick today! Oh no!
    I think it's great that you were able to come to a decision on the h1n1 vaccine. I am still unsure as to what I think of it. We didn't start getting the flu shot until last year, and my hubby has never gotten it. I'm going to research some more before making any decisions. However, they haven't offered it here yet. I think it's coming soon though.

  2. I think that's exactly what we should do, make decisions on an individual basis. I might get the regular flu vaccine but I don't think I'm getting the swine flu vaccine.

  3. i'm with blue violet - we are all adults there is lots of info out there, we just need to make informed decisions on an individual basis! loved the video! thanks for visiting me at the crib - no the skin tag was not iced or disinfected and amazingly enough - i'm still kicking!

  4. hmmmmm, interesting that they alluded to a "pandemic" that hasn't even happened yet.

    Good job sticking to your guns. I think I'm doing the regular flu, but no H1N1.

  5. I totally agree with you! There is NO WAY me or my son will get the H1N1 vaccine. It was fast tracked through. There hasn't been enough research or time to determine lasting side effects. And I don't understand what the big deal is about it? Isn't it just like the regular flu? I have friends who have had the swine flu and they said it wasn't any different. I think the media and the CDC have blown it way out of proportion. I hope I'm right!

    I also read Dr. Mercola!

  6. Thanks for posting this, as a nurse. Our family has not gotten the seasonal flu shot in a few years...they just don't seem to be very effective. I would rather my children build their immune systems naturally. What I cannot believe is that you may be temporarily out of a job if this is declared a pandemic!!! Did I read that correctly? Is that legal? Unbelievable.

    On another note, I am always thrilled to find another Christian mom out there. I will follow! Follow me at

    Have a blessed week!



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