Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early Morning Soccer

We got to play soccer at 9am this morning and the temperature was 32 degrees...that's freezing! Really! Thank goodness that the sun was out and the wind was almost nonexistent.

After bubby's game we had an hour to waste until the little princess' game. You know how it is--an hour seems like such a long time until the time is up and you have to be somewhere else. We were getting ready to walk out the door when I realize bubby has no shoes or socks on. When I asked him why had taken them off he responded "I had to go to the bathroom" duh, mom. Does anyone else have to remove their footwear to use the pottie? That would be super inconvenient at work!

I'm gonna use Momma Such's frequent words (from Raising my Four Sons)...Boys can be so silly!

Hubby and I sat and watched both of our kiddies play soccer today and neither team scored any goals. I'm such a nerd...I accidentally called it a touchdown (and I really do know the difference). We just tell both the kids that having fun is the most important thing...and we mean it...mostly!


  1. LOL .. that's cute! Trinity used to have to take off ALL her clothes when she first started using the "potty".
    Watching soccer is so much fun when they're little... glad you enjoyed the day!

  2. I can see taking off a coat or something but the shoes...that's hilarious!

  3. I agree! Having fun is the most important thing. Who cares if they win or lose? As long as they tried, then they have succeeded.

  4. oh what fun!!

    we are snowing here...played with snow!

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