Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Truth

Okay...this is going to be the day that I spill my guts and share all that I haven't thus far!

First of all, I've been kind of vague about that fact that I'm a born-again Christian...don't know why! Maybe I've been a little afraid that someone would read my blog and decide that fact made it un-readable. But it's the truth. So from here on out, don't be surprised if you read something that God has been teaching me, or if I quote a verse that has been helping me of late. There's even the possibility that I might write a prayer for the day...who knows...just saying that I need to make Him more the center of my life, and that being the case, my blog is probably going to reflect some of that because I write in it pretty much everyday.

Politics. Some friends and family have said they need to be off limits, that I need to start another site if I want to rant and rave about anything political. I don't believe that I rave or rant...I have opinions (as do all of you) and I think that it's okay for me to share them. I also genuinely believe that someone has the right to disagree--they are welcome to politely post a comment in response to something I say. As a matter of fact, I welcome your comments.

I can't hardly stand watching the news these days because it makes me mad and scares me to some extent. But here's the truth...I like Glenn Beck! I think he's pretty smart, really cynical, and not afraid to tell the truth. I also like Sarah Palin. Have I agreed with everything she has said/done? Nope. And that's okay. Mike Huckabee was probably my pick in the last joke of an election. Since I turned 18 and had the right and privilege to vote, I have voted for Bill Clinton once, George W. Bush twice, and John McCain. (I had to vote for John McCain even though I wasn't crazy about him because I differed so severely in his opponent's beliefs---not because I loved John McCain). My points is, I don't say I am a Republican. I vote for who I believe will do the best job, regardless of party affiliations. I am a Conservative that believes in the rights of the people. Our government was created to "protect the people" and that's it. Period. We need smaller government, not larger.

The name of my blog is "Such Is Life" and life encompasses not just my family, my job, my feelings. It is something so much deeper than that. It's also my spiritual journey/beliefs, what's going on politically, and who's going to be our next American Idol (nope, I don't miss an episode--thank goodness for my DVR). The last little bit was added to let all know that this isn't going to be some sort of radical religious site or a right-wing conservative nut job site either. It should be a well balanced spot that addresses multiple topics every week.


  1. I agree! You have the right to say whatever you want. It's your blog and not anyone else's. Get it all out and celebrate who you are! Good for you!

  2. I think you just described me in your politics paragraph.....and it's YOUR blog, write what you want!

  3. Be who you are honey! Nobody else can do it for you. The fact is, more people need to be who they really are and quit pretending to be something that they're not.



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