Monday, August 10, 2009

The weekend is over

Thank goodness the weekend is over. As a nurse, I'm not only taking care of my patients but I'm also supporting the families as well. Often, it's the families that can almost suck you dry. Not times we have the most wonderful families that develop into your friends as well. Right now I'm just gonna be thankful for my time off and hopefully, enjoy my family.

Unfortunately, the 12-hour shifts kick my butt! I didn't get up until about 11am. I have great kids that know I'm in there if they need me, but are pretty good about letting me have some time to recuperate. After I got up we all headed to daddy's office and then went out for Japanese (which is the kid's ultimate favorite). Well, it's probably one of mine as well. They have two sauces for dipping: ginger and seafood. Personally, I don't like the ginger sauce and the seafood seems like some kind of Thousand Island that's better then the original. It's probably more fattening too, and chances are that's why I really like it so much. One of the chefs recently asked me (as I asked for a refill of seafood sauce) if I'd just like a straw. I just can't help's too good.

Now I sit here, looking around the house, and thinking of all I should be getting done. It's about dinner time and I'm thinking that spaghetti should be yummy and easy. As for the house, there's always tomorrow!

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  1. thanks for your messages on my mbc page...

    your blog theme is so cute...

    hope you have awsome rest of the week

    hugs and love



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