Thursday, August 6, 2009

He's still my little boy...

My husband is out of town for the week and each of the kids gets to sleep with mommy one night. Joy, my five year old, got to keep me up a great deal of the night on Tuesday. How is it possible for such a tiny little body to take up so much of the bed?? My almost nine year old, Jared, gets to sleep with me tonight. He is growing so fast and is becoming such a little man. He is now embarassed to hold mom's hand in public. If I give him a hug or a dreaded and disgusting kiss, he wants to disappear. I keep telling myself that he secretly likes least a little bit. Tonight reminded me that he is still my little boy, at least for a while longer. Not only is Jared filling daddy's vacated spot, but also Bernard, his Build-a-Bear monkey and every other stuffed animal he could find in his room. His half of the bed was lined with his coloful army of critters. He told me "Mommy, a boy needs his toys to sleep." So, off to bed I head...mommy, Jared, Bernard and the rest of our vibrant friends.


  1. I do the same thing with my kids, but both of them at the same time. boy, like you said, i cant believe that such small bodies can take the whole bed.

  2. I've done both but that was when I had a king I'm in a queen and I really would get no sleep if I did that!

  3. boys are the same way with the stuffed animals! As a matter of fact they are going through a beanie baby phase right now!



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