Saturday, November 7, 2009


Before Little Miss's 6th Birthday we asked her what she wanted... I asked her if she wanted a bike and she replied "Mom, you already got me one of those...found it in the garage a few days ago." Little Stinker!

The only thing she asked for was an animal "just like bubby's". We had bought him a guinea pig and I decided that we didn't need two in the house. I could just imagine the arguments about whose guinea pig was the best. My other fear was that, somehow, she'd wind up with a guinea that actually was better and liked to be held and petted. So, after much thought we decided on a gerbil because it actually stays up during the day and has less tendency to bite than a hamster.
Meet Spike!
Kinda cute in a mousy kind of way!

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, most of the time. This little piece right here connects to his cage and came with some litter because supposedly gerbils/hamsters/other small critters can be pottie trained to only go in there! Can you read gullible on my forehead from where you're sitting?? It actually came with a little yellow shovel to scoop the poo as well. Can you believe I seriously fell for it? Duh!

I've found out what it REALLY is. It's an escape pod. It's where he goes to get out of his cage. There's nothing worse then sitting here at my computer, happily typing away, and see this little white, furry critter scurry under my chair. We've found him everytime so far, but I always have this fear he's going to get into the vents or something. I think my mother planted that in my mind when I was a child and my hamster kept getting out of it's cage.

So here's my question?? How do you persuade the child to get rid of it??


  1. Oohhh, I don't know if you can. Kids LOVE their pets. My sister had two gerbils once. The cat killed one and the other one ran off the bathroom counter (on my watch, by the way) to its death. My sister has held it against me ever since!

  2. I have no idea but I wouldn't have gotten it because it is scary looking lol. My cats would find it great for lunch or dinner.

  3. We have a Teddy Bear Hamster named Violet. She loves to be held and is very friendly. Never bites. Teddy Bear Hamsters are known for their easy going nature.

    As far as getting rid of kids are still young enough they don't really care. H just turned 6 and he will be getting to that point soon where he'll start getting attached so I'm really going to have to be sure whatever he gets we'll be keeping!

    Good luck!

  4. How in the world does he keep managing escape? That little stinker! I would scream if I saw something skitter underfoot!

  5. I'm not big on rodents myself. My daughter got two hamsters when she was in her teens. The female got out of her cage one night and chewed up the carpet under the door to escape the room. Then, with a whole house to freely roam around in, she headed straight down the hall where she chewed up the carpet to get into my room.

    Best wishes in my blog makeover give-away! From the look of your beautiful blog I am guessing you intend to gift is away if you win. ;)



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