Monday, November 9, 2009

Hi ho, hi's back to work I go

Hi ho, hi's back to work tomorrow. I have been off for the past 17 days and it just doesn't seem possible. For the most part, I am better, but I still have the cough that's holding on. Today I went out for lunch and by the time I got home I felt like I'd ran a marathon. It will be interesting to see what a 12-hour shift does, huh?
Praise report: I follow Mckmama at My Charming kids and her little Stellan has come through surgery with huge success! Praise God!!
Happy Tuesday...God is good!


  1. Try to take it easy at work or you might end up with a relapse! Sending healthy thoughts your way....

  2. Oh I know the feeling! I still get winded a little too. I hate being sick, but I hate even more when the WHOLE family is sick! I'm glad you are doing better now and are able to head back to work. I hope all goes well at work. :)

  3. Good luck at work! I'm glad you're feeling better!



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