Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You know what? I'm so stinking sick of hearing about Barry's health care reform!!
I have one simple question.
If insurance companies are going to be required to get rid of pre-existing conditions
and they aren't going to be able to charge more to people with past problems,
who is going to wind up paying for all these new folks they're covering?
Answer: All of us!
Everyone's premiums are going to go up and we are ALL going to feel it...
except the good folks in D.C. because they get special stuff that the rest of us "don't deserve"!
Isn't change great?


  1. Wow. I guess I just think about the time my insurance refused to pay a bill because in the past my blood test was the same... they sited pre-existing conditions, really but the plan states that it will pay for a yearly blood test........... It is a loop hole they abuse. Like a friend who they refused to pay for her cervical cancer treatment because of pre-existing conditions - because she had a hysterectomy?

    But that is my take on it, I do see what you are saying with who will pay but it seems like the health care system is getting more and more rich (drug companies I mean) and we get sicker..........

  2. Take it from someone who experiences government ran health care via the military, it sucks. Not only have I experienced being a military spouse but also as a military daughter with watching my dad have to go in to the VA. The doctors at the VA are wonderful but the wait time is unreal and there is so much red tape. Ever try to get an appointment with Medicare doctor? They are backed up. Ever try to get an appointment at many doctor offices? Imagine putting in how many more millions into the system with the current number of doctors we have? The wait will be unGodly, the costs out of this world and taxes will go up. In a nice utopian world, health care for all is a wonderful dream but you can't get something for nothing and someone is going to pay. Don't forget about the proposed tax on health benefits your employer is paying for. You will get to pay for that under the proposal. Enough is enough and where is the transparency? Thanks for being brave enough to post!

  3. I have to totally agree with you. I hate insurance companies but I hate the governments plan even more. It is a total joke and people need to realize it for what it is and stop believing all the lies that they are feeding them.

  4. Something needs to be done, but the "fuzzy" math in Washington isn't the answer.

    No matter what their political affiliation, politicans just don't get it.

    BTW: stopped into follow you from MBC ;)

  5. I agree this whole health care reform the way they are going about it is wrong. I see it ending in massive failure.

  6. well, I'm really hoping that the election of Scott Brown will shake things up...and it seems it alreay has!



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