Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to, not them!

I've tossed it around. Thought long and hard about it. Prayed about it. Stewed about it. Talked about it. And finally, I took the plunge.
Next Monday I go back to school, full-time. Some call me crazy.
My sisters think I'm nuts. Actually, maybe I think I'm nuts too! goes nothing!!
More to come about that later!

In other news...
I find this humorous. You all know that I'm not a Barry O fan!
This is the picture that MSN had up today.
Me thinks that the winds are changing and our dear media is reporting a different kind of news then they were a year ago!


  1. Just like that? Next Monday already!!! Whoa girl!

    It's gonna be such a great thing for you!

  2. Huge KUDO's to you for taking the plunge back to school. That's absolutely wonderful ;) Good for you.

    And yes, the news coverage is much, much different ~ go figure.

  3. Good luck in school! I went back to college when I was thirty and got a second degree. It was so much easier in my thirties than it was when I was eighteen! My lifestyle is a little different than it was back then! Not as much partying going on!



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