Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Don't tell me you peed in my kitchen glass!"

Amazingly enough, I was mopping the bathroom floors yesterday. Bubby came in and told me he needed to go to the restroom. Both bathroom floors were wet and I told him he just needed to wait a few minutes. He left the room. A couple minutes later he comes in carrying a glass. As I started at the glass I thought to myself, "He's playing a trick on me...did I have apple juice in the fridge?" I realized that I indeed did NOT have any juice in the fridge and he had absolutely peed in my kitchen glass. I started at him, stunned. Then I told him he needed to leave the room while I thought about how to handle this. So...I told him that since he had peed in my kitchen glass he had to drink it! He look at me with eyes the size of quarters and asked if I was serious. Initially, I told him yes...and then I quickly told him no. However, I explained that it was disgusting. I also asked him why he didn't go in one of his Transformer cups (I'm sure that would be gross!). I repeatedly told myself that urine is sterile, informed him that I'd prefer him go off the back porch then in a glass, and told him that the floor can always be dried with a towel.Wow...what was he thinking?? That it would be cool to pee in a glass? I don't get it!!


  1. Well he has an imagination that is for sure. I wonder how kids come up with stuff like that.

  2. Now that's one I never experienced personally. And I'm glad!!! LOL

  3. OMG!!! As I sat here in awe and read this all I could think was, Thank God I have girls!

    Boys will be boys.

  4. Oh to be in a little boy's head just for a minute! Seriously I am always saying WHY? WHY? WHY? Why did you ever even think of doing that? lol Welcome to my world! he he! :)



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