Monday, January 11, 2010

On call

I had signed up today for an extra eight hour shift. Eight hour shifts are wonderful and the bonus money is such a bonus!! So...they call me at 0450 to let me know that I am on call. Here I am, two and a half hours later, still awake. I was sleeping so well! I suppose that mommy will have to take a nap while the kids are at school today.

Yes, you read right...while the kids are at school today! Hallelujah, they are going back to school! That might sound bad, however, they have had a bit too much togetherness recently and are bickering like crazy. It's amazing how they have learned to push each other's buttons and know just how to irritate the other. Their recent tattling has about driven me nuts and no telling how many times I've said "Stop touching each other" or "You're not allowed to talk to each other or look at each other" which works so well (note the sarcasm). I do love my little rugrats!

It is supposed to be a balmy 36 degrees today and believe it or not that actually sounds warm! The sun is peeking it's little head out and showing us that it really does exist...thank goodness! Everyone, try to stay warm...this global warming is something, isn't it??


  1. I was on call on Friday and I got called in - it's all fun and games til you get called in - HAHA!

    U r right though the extra $$$ is awesome, and I like it cause as soon as it settles down u r OTD!

    I thought the same thing about school, I was singing "it's the most wonderful time of the year" to myself all morning!

  2. I know what you mean. Our kids went back last week, but then I had one with chicken pox that had to stay home all week (so I had 3 home all week last week and only one in school.) The middle 2 that are home have just about pushed every button they can push on each other and I think it's time to go back to school! Thank goodness they both have school tomorrow! :)

  3. Just when I thought my daughter had gotten back to school we had two snowdays and then she got the flu over the weekend so now we're on to sick days. I'm glad you are getting a much needed break from the bickering!

  4. Oh ya you gotta love how it is supposed to be warm and it has been colder than I have ever remember it has been.

  5. It's so funny every year when we find the 30's to be warm!

  6. YAY for back to school!!

    Boo global warming. ;(

  7. HOw lucky are you. Kids at school AND a nap!!

  8. I love having my kids at home, then I love when they go back to school! Following from MBC, come follow me back!




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