Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is it about infomercials?

What is it about infomercials?? Or QVC?? It's like they have some sort of hypnotic powers! The other night we were watching some infomercial about this belt that works your ab muscles...I'm looking at it and thinking "I could look like that...I just have to buy the belt!". Of course, these women were size 4 and had some of the most amazing abs EVER! By the way, I did NOT buy the belt.

QVC had some skinny jeans on the other evening and again...I'm thinking "I need skinny jeans...they'll make me look skinny". Of course, I don't really think that is what skinny jeans are for. My little sis, who is almost 18, asked for skinny jeans and flats for Christmas. I used to wear skinny jeans and flats back in high school!! It's crazy how all the styles come full circle. Do you think we'll be tight rolling our pants soon and ratting our bangs while spraying Aqua net? I've learned that I'll never say "never" because I've had to eat my words before.

While I had the flu and was vegetating in front of the TV, I came across Montel Williams and he was doing a show (infomercial) about his new Healthmaster, a food emulsifier. This time I actually broke down and purchased it. The first evening we made fruit smoothies with two oranges, 2 whole apples (seeds and all), a banana, and frozen strawberries. My kids loved it! The next morning I made them an apple and banana smoothie with spinach and they drank that as well. Think of all the fiber they're getting--It might just be worth it! Looking forward to pineapple sorbet!


  1. I was actually in an infomercial about 4 1/2 years ago (has it really been that long?) It was for Winsor Pilates. I had so much fun in Santa Monica at the shoot. But then I couldn't watch friends kept calling me and saying "I just saw you on TV!!!"

  2. QVC reels me in everytime. There is something about those cheery sales people that make me think the world is a safe, simple, and cheery place to live. I especially get roped in around this time of year, with their super big Christmas trees and stage decorating. I want to live in their studio!

  3. You go with your smoothie action!

    I saw a commercial the other day for what should have had Billy Mayes in it, so sad.

  4. I def think there is some kind of subliminal midn control going on with infomercials! Once you start watching it's impossible to stop and you pretty much want to buy anything you see, doesn't matter if you're never going to use it, but whtever it is about those ads, they just make you want that stuff! All I can say is Thank God I didn't have a credit card when I was at Uni and staying up late most nights, I'd be in so much debt now!

  5. I get hooked into watching those programs too but I don't think I've ever bought anything. I can't fault you for that juicer though. It sounds good.

  6. The smoothies sound great!
    I sure hope we don't start rolling (Pegging) our pants again! Yikes! I was one to say that I would never wear tight jeans again (at the ankles) and I have to admit that I might have a pair. I'm really hoping the big round ball of bangs doesn't come back though. Now that was scary! ha ha!

  7. Seriously! Ever see the Magic Bullet infomercials? If you stop 2 seconds to think after theyre done, youre like "Wait - do I really think that a tiny blender can make my life easy and fun and simple?" But its so easy to get caught up in it!



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