Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three trees for our house!

The last several years I've had a pretty ribbon on top of my tree, but this year we decided to go with a star. We took the time to talk to the kids about why we put a star on the top of the Christmas tree and what the star did all those years ago.

I did give up my "theme tree" and allowed Santa Clause and reindeer, etc. I know it's not about me...but it was still hard!

Little Miss' tree! Notice the pink feather boas with porcelain doll and pink roses. Love the shatter proof plastic ornaments.

Bubby picked the colors of the Power Rangers (minus pink). So boy!

The journey getting these trees up can be stressful, however, the end result is so pretty!!


  1. Very cute kiddo trees! I have a star on my tree, too.

  2. These are Great!! Love the Star too. Not sure what we are doing this year? Star? Angel? Jerica always has a star on her tree.

  3. That is just so gorgeous!!!! I love the gold ribbon.

  4. Very sweet! The more Christmas trees, the better, I say!

  5. Very cool.
    lovin' the pink tree. Awesome idea.

    Can't have too many trees! ;)



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